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Falcon Heavy Success, 'Biggest Little Farm' Film Review, Carrington Event discussion,Fred McPherson memorial, The 'Late Heavy Bombardment' may not have happened, Vast Reservoir of Fresh Water Found off of East Coast, Updates on Libra, the new Facebook Crypto and on Disclosure Fest in LA.

Listen Now to Future News 6.25.2019

Big news this week with Space X and the Falcon Heavy launch. Very successful in launching all 24 payloads, and Giant aquifer seen in yellow hatched areas, with triangles representing survey expeditions.capturing 3 out 4 recoverable components! Mrs. Future raves about the indy film Biggest Little Farm, about an urban couple that moves to the country and creates a diversified organic farm outside of LA. Bobby Wilder calls in to comment on several stories, including the massive fresh water aquifer off the US east coast and we chat about the significance of the new Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra.  Ed Ellsworth checks in about Disclosure Fest, a summer festival this last weekend in LA. Enjoy!

Falcon Heavy Launch with 24 payloads, launched 6.24.2019


Future News - Notre Dame Cathedral Homage and 3-D point cloud, Space Art Spreading, Crew Dragon Spacecraft Explodes, Bobby Wilder on Battery Tech and Photonic Healing, Tesla announces advanced autonomous driving, Russian GPS spoofing 

Listen Now to Future News 4.23.2019

Very sad about Notre Dame Cathedral, especially considering we had recently visited the church in Paris.  We have a couple of videos we made in homage to that sacred place, found on our links page. More cool space art out there to amuse and abhor, Bobby Wilder calls on with some info on treating Altsheimer’s with light, and Tesla is pulling out all stops on their neural networked autonomous driving program. Enjoy!



Future News - Update on the huge Camp Fire with Frank Schwartz, Air filtration with Bobby Wilder, Negative Ion and Ozone Generator Air purification with Master Now, Update on BFR and Martian Landers

Listen Now to Future News 11.20.2018

As the Camp Fire that consumed the town of Paradise continues to burn, it has created an unbelievable amount of smoke that has blanketed the Bay Area. Now dangerous is it, and what should we do?  To help with these issues, Frank gives us an update on the fire, including the coming toxic rains, Bobby gives us some good info on filtration for our homes, and Master Now extolls the air cleaning virtues of Negative Ion and Ozone generators.

Meanwhile, we have a new lander descending to Mars this coming Monday, we have picked the landing spot for the 2020 Martian lander, and Elon Musk has updated his design for the BFR, which will take colonists to Mars in the next decade.   Enjoy!

RealTime Purple Air Sensor Map November 21, 2018


Massive Botnet Attack Analysis and Protections, WeCo Startup Allows Global Collaborations, Big Solar Storm, Mars Colony plans,Little Lies Big Lies

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 10.25.2016

What can we do when our personal security cameras, web-enabled refrigerators and coffepots are used to attack others as part of a coordinated botnet hoard?  Bobby Wilder calls in to help us sort this one out. 

Looking to collaborate with others on projects that are meaningful to you?  Soon you will be able to do so on WeCo, a new social network designed to help faciliate such actions, launching November 8th in test mode. We chat with Simon Swerdlow, an Belurisian Internet Entrepreneur in Florida to find out more about his network.

We then delve into a G-3 Class Solar storm unfolding now, more details of Elon Musk’s Martian colonization plans, take a couple of calls regarding a recent interview with Ringo Starr regarding the alleged substitution replacement of Paul McCartney in the 1960’s, and new research into how small lies become big ones. Enjoy!


Future News - Google Pixel VR Ecosystem, Space Battles on Capitol Hill, Nobel Prize Announcements, Microbiome Mysteries Revealed

Listen Now to Future News 10.05.2016

The big news this week of Google’s new smartphone home entertainment ecosystem promises to bring VR to the masses.  We cover this in detail, with some feedback from our chief engineer at KSCO, Bill Graff. The space battles in the Capitol and possible sabotage of the Space X rocket last month is also under our scrutiny. 

Towards the end of the show we hear from Bobby Wilder regarding a story of on the microbiome we were discussing.  Bobby gives us some fascinating info on our internal microbiomes, well worth checking out.  Enjoy!