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Future News and Report - Future of KSCO, Musk visits White House, Critical Autopilot Reboot, Luigi Oppido Stops By, Planet Watch with Joe Jordan & Rachel Anne Goodman

Listen Now to The Dr. Future Show 1.24.2017

Indeed as onward march of the Internet continues to evolve all things it touches, classic radio stations like KSCO are being impacted as well.  If we can achieve 100x larger audiences for an additional cost of next to nothing, why not?  Soon, many shows on KSCO will be broadcast not just over AM/FM and an audio stream, but also via Facebook Live and Youtube..Luigi talks a little about this at the beginning of the second hour.

Looks like Elon Musk was talking to Trump not just about the future of manufacturing, but about boring tunnels under LA!  Must be part of the new US Infrastructure plan..

We also speak to Rachael Goodman and Cosmic Joe Jordan about their new KSCO show, Planet Watch, Sunday’s at 2 p.m.  We like their brief description: “A new exploration of what’s going down in our part of the universe and what we can do about it: SOLUTIONS to big problems facing humanity today. Plus fun tidbits on astronomy, weather, earth and sky phenomena, and “cosmic relief”! ” Enjoy..

Planet Watch with Cosmic Joe Jordan and Rachael Goodman Sundays KSCO 2 p.m.


New Earth Type Planet Discoverered, Musk donates $10 Million to keep AI Safe, Pop Up Nanoassembly, Methuselah Fly Created, CES Update from Greg Panos, SpicePharma with Kitty Wells 

Listen Now to the Dr. Future Show 1.20.2014

Wow, a new earth type planet discovered, Kepler 438-b, a mere 500 light years away! Perhaps we can harness our evolving AI intelligences to create a breakthrough in Faster Than Life drives, so we can get there in a reasonable amount of time.  Well, maybe the AI’s don’t care so much about time, after all, circuit boards can survive deep space for thousands if not millions of years!   With the Future of Life Institute supported to the tune of $10 million to make sure AI’s grow up right, we might just see such inventions.

Meanwhile, Greg Panos gives us a more in-depth download of his adventures at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, from VR goggles to drones to autonomous vehicles.  And this week we also chat with Kitty Wells, about her hot (literally) SpicePharm creations that take chai and hot chocolate to the next level of yumminess and healthiness (while you listen to Dr. Future).  Enjoy!

 Forumlator Kitty Wells mixing up some Spice Elixers


Mrs. Future tangles with Elon Musk detractor, Chinese moon probe examined, guests Richard Cray and Greg Panos on virtual collaborative art and augmented reality.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 12.17.13

A lively show this week, starting off early on Ethan’s show, with a brief debate between Sun (Mrs. Future) and talk show host Ethan Bearman, regarding Ethan’s latest article,  ”Why Elon Musk is a Poor Person’s Worst Nightmare.”

The conversation continues into our show, followed by our guests Richard Cray and Greg Panos in the studio for both segments. Fortunately, besides their areas of expertise, our esteemed guests are good comprehensive generalists on all things future, fitting well with our discussion of current future topics.

Two of our biggest fans of the show, Greg and Richard are no strangers to future think, with Greg being one of the earliest researchers in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Richard as a professional singer exploring many high tech artistic opportunities.  We discuss and play, for example, Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir presentations, with thousands of singers participating from around the planet. 

This pic of Greg and Richard was taken immediately after the show, during a most spectacular sunset.



Future News- Migrating to Mars, Facebook Copyright Hoax, Sasquatch DNA, Cross breeding Endangered Species, Gourmet robot burgers, Pentagon Tries to Avoid Terminators.

Elon Musk has got us thinking about Mars again with plans to increase the oxygen content of the atomosphere to the point where it can sustain human life. It’s at that magic flash point, he predicts, when everyone who can afford a half million dollars to leave Earth can become a Mars colonist.  That’s the magic number for leaving this planet, the cost of the average California burb house…Sounds about right..
Also of major interest this week is a new approach to dealing with creatures on the verge of extinction.
 “Breed them back into existence!” some new conservationists say, “with related species.”  What?  Not keep them purebreed.  Heresey from the current paradigm of creature preservation..
Gee, and then there’s the latest DNA evidence of Big Foot.  Apparently 15,000 years ago a North American woman cross bred with another species, creating the elusive creature..
Robots are also advancing with a new robotic hamburger helper that’ll make them your way, at 360 burgers an hour, as we see the approaching launch of the first restuarant chain that profitably sells gourmet hamburgers. Not be left behind, as the Pentagon evolves new robots that can turn you into hamburger meat, they’ve been looking at how they can make sure that there is a human somewhere in the equation making the ‘kill’ decisions. No sir, no Terminators in this shop…