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Future News and Views with special in studio guest Jennifer Barr, TEDx coordinator and maven of social media, Dr. Bruce checks in on the way home from Burning Man.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 9.05.2017

After a scorching hot labor day weekend, we are happy to have more termperate conditions in the studio with our special guest and long time friend, Jennifer Barr.  She came to the show to watch and listen, but she became a real contributor, giving us some insight on the sources and balance of media in our dailey diets. Dr. Bruce Damer also checked in from his Burning Man adventures, giving us a great update from his world of science performance art.  And we do have some Hurricane and Space News this week as well! Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell, Sun Lundell, Jennifer Barr


Future News and Report - Future of KSCO, Musk visits White House, Critical Autopilot Reboot, Luigi Oppido Stops By, Planet Watch with Joe Jordan & Rachel Anne Goodman

Listen Now to The Dr. Future Show 1.24.2017

Indeed as onward march of the Internet continues to evolve all things it touches, classic radio stations like KSCO are being impacted as well.  If we can achieve 100x larger audiences for an additional cost of next to nothing, why not?  Soon, many shows on KSCO will be broadcast not just over AM/FM and an audio stream, but also via Facebook Live and Youtube..Luigi talks a little about this at the beginning of the second hour.

Looks like Elon Musk was talking to Trump not just about the future of manufacturing, but about boring tunnels under LA!  Must be part of the new US Infrastructure plan..

We also speak to Rachael Goodman and Cosmic Joe Jordan about their new KSCO show, Planet Watch, Sunday’s at 2 p.m.  We like their brief description: “A new exploration of what’s going down in our part of the universe and what we can do about it: SOLUTIONS to big problems facing humanity today. Plus fun tidbits on astronomy, weather, earth and sky phenomena, and “cosmic relief”! ” Enjoy..

Planet Watch with Cosmic Joe Jordan and Rachael Goodman Sundays KSCO 2 p.m.


Future News - Facetime Under Fire, Assange Says Ruskies Didn't Do it, Space X Returns, Flops of 2016, Tesla Autopilot New Years Upgrade, Space 2017 Events, CES 2017 Preview 

Listen Now to Future News 1.04.2017

Lots of great things to look forward to in 2017 and a few things to which we must say goodbye..2016 was tough for many and we are hoping that this new year, with it’s new president, will be as great as we can imagine, plus some great gadgets for us to play with!  Enjoy!


Future News - Dark Matter Galaxy Revealed, Juno Begins Exploraton of Jovian Atmosphere, Golilocks Planet close by near Alpha Centauri, Dreamscape Tech, Soft Squishey Robots, New Bionic Lens for all, Uber's End Game Activated  

Listen Now to Future News 8.30.2016

Greetings, we are back from vacation with some wild stories about dark matter galaxies, a nearby Goldilocks type planet, new VR, soft robotics, a new contact type lens that replaces laser surgery, and Uber’s end game to deploy autonomous vehicles next month in Pittsburgh to the public!

KSCO did not record the first half of our show, as they were down for transmitter repair at that time, so enjoy our second half!  (you’ll hear a little of the transmitter issues in the first 5 minutes).


the “octobot” uses a microfluidic logic circuit powered by hydrogen peroxide converted into gas when in contact with platinum.


Future News - NASA Orbits Jupiter! Exploring the Fatal Autonomous Tesla Accident, Millions of Android User Infected, The Mystery Spots of Ceres Revealed, China's massive Alien Hunter Radio Telescope, Man Marries iPhone, Others Grow Drones, Ultimate Bed From Chimp Minds,  

Listen Now to Future News 7.05.2016

One of the big issues of today’s show was the fatal Tesla accident in Florida that happened in May.  How does this incident, and it was bound to happen sooner or later, affect the adoption of autonomous vehcicles?  Mrs. Future (Sun) shares what happened with the first automobile accidents 150 years ago, and I point out that software upgrades will not simply improve the faulty car but all of the other cars using the Autopilot software.  If we could all learn so well from the mistakes of others..We got lots of calls discussing this topic.

And this week is a milestone for NASA, with successfully getting the Juno probe in the perfect orbit for studying Jupiter, which turns out to be not a gaseous giant, but a metal giant planet!  Enjoy..