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Future News - Art in Space, autonomous vehicle news, edible goo from poo, Pinker's "Enlightenment Now", Sharing brainwaves, Mavic Air drone delights

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Some great news items this week, including the first art satellite in orbit for all to see, the Humanity Star, crazy new autonomous vehicles, the new incredible Mavic Air drone, and some sharing from the new book, Enlightenment Now.  Enjoy!

Peter Beck with Humanity Star Satellite


Future News and Views with special in studio guest Jennifer Barr, TEDx coordinator and maven of social media, Dr. Bruce checks in on the way home from Burning Man.

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After a scorching hot labor day weekend, we are happy to have more termperate conditions in the studio with our special guest and long time friend, Jennifer Barr.  She came to the show to watch and listen, but she became a real contributor, giving us some insight on the sources and balance of media in our dailey diets. Dr. Bruce Damer also checked in from his Burning Man adventures, giving us a great update from his world of science performance art.  And we do have some Hurricane and Space News this week as well! Enjoy!

L-R Al Lundell, Sun Lundell, Jennifer Barr