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Interview - Journalist Don Lattin on his New Book, "Changing Our Minds - Psychedelic Sacraments and the New Psychotherapy 

Listen Now to Don Lattin

It was great to talk to journalist Don Lattin so openly about a topic normally below the radar of public discourse.  In his new book Don explores the theurapeutic effects of some mild altering substances, in terms of research currently underway and his own journey with depression. 

Changing Our Minds is the latest installment in a trio of books about the recent history and future prospects for finding beneficial uses for drugs and plant medicines like LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and ayahuasca. Don comes out of the psychedelic closet in his latest book, sharing personal stories of transformational experiences.  Enjoy!


Interview - Dr. Ralph Abraham speaks of The Hip Santa Cruz Project 

Listen Now to Ralph Abraham

Why would a young mathematics professor with a post at prestigious Princeton University leave it to live in Santa Cruz, CA in the late 1960’s?  Why would the experiences of that time in his life be important enough for him to collect and to share with future generations now, half a century up the timeline? We explore these questions and more with the father of Chaos Theory, Dr. Ralph Abraham, and the Hip Santa Cruz Project, just as the first book of these efforts is being released this week.

Now up is the Hip Santa Cruz book event August 6, 2016


Dr. Ralph Abraham speaking to us about the Hip Santa Cruz Project


Interview - A group discussion on a new documentary film, "From Shock to Awe," about veterans with PTSD and their healing journeys with ayahuasca, MDMA and cannabis.  

Listen Now to discussion with a filmmaker, veteran, and researcher involved with “From Shock to Awe.”

After interviewing the folks involved with this topic, we feel this is an important film that needs to be made.  Initial results of MDMA research with PTSD, for example, suggest an improvement from an average of 23% to 84% successful treatment of processing serious war trauma over the current use of prescription drugs to vets.  

In this show, we speak with Janine Sagert, Ph.D., content producer for the documentary, Ryan LeCompte, a United States Marine Corps Infantry Veteran and founder of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapies (VETS), an organization whose mission is to spread awareness about alternative medicines for the treatment of PTSD. And also MDMA researher Saj Razvi, MA, LPC,  founder of the Love and Trauma Center in Denver, CO which educates clinicians nationally in the skills of trauma resolution. 

One of our best shows yet, we think you’ll appreciate the work these folks are doing and will continue to do as they evolve these dramatically succesful strategies for healing serious emotional trauma and related stressors via psychedelic therapies.   Click here for the Indie Go Go Campaign.

From Shock to Awe - How psychedelics bring relief to veterans suffering from PTSD.


Dr. James Fadiman on Beyond the Medical Model of Psychedelics. What are the best Future uses and contexts?

Listen Now to Dr. James Fadiman

Jim Fadiman, Ph.D.,  is a well known figure in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. He has a B.A. in Social Relations from Harvard and has both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University. He has been involved in teaching and facilitating creative problem-solving with and without psychedelics for more than three decades.

His experience ranges from early experimentation with Ram Dass and Tim Leary at Harvard to government-sanctioned legal research with Myron Stolaroff and Willis Harman at Stanford. He was a Research Associate with the International Foundation for Advanced Study in the late 1960s and later served as president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. In 1975 with Robert Frager, he co-founded the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has recently written a guidebook, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys.


Google Takeover Plans, 17 Billion Earths to be Discovered In Milky Way, Interview- Mystic Chemist - Albert Hofmann and his Discovery of LSD

The Boston Bombing is still news, and we cover our pov on this impactful event, including where tech worked and failed in the investigative process.  As Google expands their fiber networks to more and more cities, we explore how all this massive impact will change the landscape of high tech players. Meanwhile NASA is finding new places for us to go and explore, once we figure out how..
And back on Earth, there is a renaissance of sorts that is happening in the world of medicinal psychedelics.  After 40 years of legislative prohibition, the noose on serious psychedelic research is starting to loosen with many new studies in their efficacy for treating issues like narcotic drug addictions, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and deep depression.
Our guest this week is Swiss author Dieter Hagenbach, co-author (with Lucius Werthmuller) of the just published book, Mystic Chemist, about the life and discovery of LSD, in the Swiss labs of Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, back in 1938.  Not just the average biochem geek, Hoffman’s spiritual nature helped shape his explorations of this most powerful mind change agent, and spawn a new generation of turned on youth.
And now that that first psychedelic generation of the 1960’s are grandparents, we see a return to basic therapetuic and medical research, back to where it all began in Switzerland, 70 years ago.
We had a chance to interview both authors of Mystic Chemist at the Psychedelic Science 2013 conference in Oakland a few days ago, where we go into more detail than what could be done on the air.  You also have a chance to meet Lucius Werthmuller, co-author with Dieter Hagenbach  of this amazing book.   This more in depth interview can be heard  by clicking here: