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Interview/Discussion with Brett & Shannon Leonard, father/son filmmakers

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Join us as we explore the future of filmmaking and media as delve into virtual reality movies and ‘story worlders’ with the father/son team that is pioneering this realm of human creativity.  Unlike most shows, we even spend some time looking at politics and how well the candidates use social media for their campaigns.  Our conversation on Trump spawned some controversy with our audience.  Brett and Shannon also give us their review of the latest Star Wars film (no spoilers), thoughts on future money, like cryptocurrency, and new forms of democracy involving algorhythmic decision-making.   Enjoy!!

Filmmakers Brett and Shannon Leonard



Future News - Japanese Drone Fleet, Full-sized Electric Plane, The Drone Solution to MH17, New Hacker Movie, Jaguar's Ultra Fun Augmented Driving, and our almost famous John Monahan and callers on Rock and Religion

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We are back from Canada, in the KSCO studios with lots tales to regale you with, including an innovative solution to the unfortunate Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 debacle.  Algorhythm, a cool Bay Area film on hacking where you shouldn’t is in our links session, and in our second hour we continue our ongoing conversation on the evolution of music, this time, with a little help from local artist John Monahan, a look at the 60’s, with themes of love and musicians rose to the status of Rock Gods.  

Jaguar’s Augmented Reality Windscreen


Future News - Fast Running robots, Quantum Teleportation Breakthrough, Schulgin Memorial, Greg Panos updater on VR/Augmented Reality, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's WWDC.

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We have great updates this week from our favorite operatives in the field - Greg Panos on the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality scene and Taylor Barcroft on the latest with Apple Computer and their World Wide Developer’s Conference announcements.  

It was sad to report on the death of Alexander Schulgin, a pioneer of the mind via his research in psychedelic compounds.  We also lost Dave Blackburn this last week, a fellow explorer of the immersive digital frontier, and Galen Mitzryk, a brother who was exploring the future in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

And just maybe we’ll be able to teleport one day, given the 100% transfer of the exact spin of an electron from one location to another..  A fun show packed with info this week!



Mrs. Future tangles with Elon Musk detractor, Chinese moon probe examined, guests Richard Cray and Greg Panos on virtual collaborative art and augmented reality.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 12.17.13

A lively show this week, starting off early on Ethan’s show, with a brief debate between Sun (Mrs. Future) and talk show host Ethan Bearman, regarding Ethan’s latest article,  ”Why Elon Musk is a Poor Person’s Worst Nightmare.”

The conversation continues into our show, followed by our guests Richard Cray and Greg Panos in the studio for both segments. Fortunately, besides their areas of expertise, our esteemed guests are good comprehensive generalists on all things future, fitting well with our discussion of current future topics.

Two of our biggest fans of the show, Greg and Richard are no strangers to future think, with Greg being one of the earliest researchers in Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Richard as a professional singer exploring many high tech artistic opportunities.  We discuss and play, for example, Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir presentations, with thousands of singers participating from around the planet. 

This pic of Greg and Richard was taken immediately after the show, during a most spectacular sunset.



Dr. Future News - Curiousity Brain Transplant,Texting Contest, What's next for Brick and Mortar Stores, New human species, Future Food

Dr. Future News 8.12.12

Boy, what a week!  From Curiousity landing on Mars to the future of brick and mortar stores to new food options on the menu..Plus we are doing more remote broadcasting, now extensively using our home studio as we expand our horizons to new listeners online as well as on the airwaves.  

We particulary enjoyed doing the Future of Food report, as there are options there that, though initially somewhat revolting, can be quite inviting…hmmm….’tastes like chicken!’   

Let us know what you think!

:-) Dr. & Mrs. Future..