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Interview/Discussion with Brett & Shannon Leonard, father/son filmmakers

Listen Now to Brett and Shannon Leonard

Join us as we explore the future of filmmaking and media as delve into virtual reality movies and ‘story worlders’ with the father/son team that is pioneering this realm of human creativity.  Unlike most shows, we even spend some time looking at politics and how well the candidates use social media for their campaigns.  Our conversation on Trump spawned some controversy with our audience.  Brett and Shannon also give us their review of the latest Star Wars film (no spoilers), thoughts on future money, like cryptocurrency, and new forms of democracy involving algorhythmic decision-making.   Enjoy!!

Filmmakers Brett and Shannon Leonard



Future News - Coming to You From 'Mad Scientist Island', Quebec, Canada

Listen Now to Future News - 8.18.2015

Hey folks, for those listeners checking out our locale, check out our snazzy tent in the woods, on “Mad Scientist Island” in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada! Why the tent?  Because at our broadcast hour the mosquitos come out en masse, looking for dinner, and we look good to them!  The rest of the day is pretty much insect free, however.

Today’s news segment features a live call from our correspondent Greg Panos, who chaired a session at Siggraph last week on the pioneers of Virtual Reality.  He gives us an update on what unfolded at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group Graphics) in relation to the art and science of VR. 

This week we also look at the trading routes of Ivory smugglers in Africa, thanks to hidden GPS transponders, why email is broken and new alternatives, the current state of xeno-transplantation for organs, self-evolving robots, and the coming wave of bionic hearing devices, all from our tent in the woods on an island with loons on the lake behind us.  Enjoy!!

Broadcasting from a little island in the Laurentian Mountains!


Future News and special guests Brett and Shannon Leonard on The Future of Filmmaking

A new revolution in filmmaking is currently underway.  In the 90’s we saw the beginning of the transition from analog to digital technologies in all walks of life.  With cinematic storytelling, we went from editing film by cutting strips of celluloid to moving images around on the screen (non-linear editing).  We also saw the beginnings of interactive storyteling, with the introduction of CD-ROMs, the internet, and to a limited extent, virtual reality. However, it was Brett Leonard who did portray the potential of VR in the feature film The Lawnmower Man, in 1992. Now, much of what was SciFi back then is reality now, and Brett is planning to show us what’s next in a new film in development, the working title, “The Lawnmower Man - Reborn.”
The latest high def VR headsets, eye tracking technologies, high speed internet, powerful apps and realtime computer graphics animation open up whole new vistas for today’s storytellers, and Brett’s 20 year old Shannon is playing in this world.  Besides mastering the tools of this new media world (i.e. Adobe’s online production suite), Shannon has released an iPhone app based on the sensibities of the millennial generation - 10 Word News, important stories of the day via headlines of ten words. 
In this show, Brett and Shannon with The Futures will help introduce you to this brave new world of story and news telling, and the gatherings in Santa Cruz and the Bay area that helped spawn all of this..
We also have their perspectives on our Future News segment in the first hour!

Looking for the Future at the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas`

Listen Now to our live NAB show with Gregory Panos

This week we take our show on the road to The National Association of Broadcasters, in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.  Well, mostly sunny.  We had a really bad dust storm that made the sun look like the moon for a few hours.  It was reminiscent of dusty days on the Playa, at Burning Man, also in the Nevada desert, just a little further north and out..

L-R Greg Panos, Al & Sun Lundell broadcasting the Dr. Future Show at NAB

To comment with us on the many interesting things we saw at NAB, we have Gregory Panos, a long time cohort and pundit in the evoling media world. He has been especially tracking the new wave of augmented and virtual reality that is currently sweeping the mediosphere.

We talk about 360 degree live VR rigs, BlackMagic’s new  breakthrough cinema cam, wooden cameras, and wishing for our favorite weathercaster from Maui, “Sue Nomi”.

The Drone Pavilion was chalk full of new flying robots from all over the world, with live demos all day. 

We had a lot of fun at the show and are looking forward to sharing with you what we gleaned from this big show.

The GoPro booth at NAB was a popular strange attractor for media pioneers



Future News - Fast Running robots, Quantum Teleportation Breakthrough, Schulgin Memorial, Greg Panos updater on VR/Augmented Reality, Taylor Barcroft on Apple's WWDC.

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 6.3.14

We have great updates this week from our favorite operatives in the field - Greg Panos on the Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality scene and Taylor Barcroft on the latest with Apple Computer and their World Wide Developer’s Conference announcements.  

It was sad to report on the death of Alexander Schulgin, a pioneer of the mind via his research in psychedelic compounds.  We also lost Dave Blackburn this last week, a fellow explorer of the immersive digital frontier, and Galen Mitzryk, a brother who was exploring the future in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

And just maybe we’ll be able to teleport one day, given the 100% transfer of the exact spin of an electron from one location to another..  A fun show packed with info this week!