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State of the Future Interview with NASA-trained Quantum Astronaut Christopher Altman and Kate Russell

Listen Now to Christopher Altman and Kate Russell

Happy New Year to you all! — We’re off to a fine start with our guests this week, NASA-trained quantum astronaut Christopher Altman (Facebook) and his muse, Kate Kie Russell, a professional model and actress, serendipity spark, technology catalyst, conference and events coordinator, DJ, host and emcee. Kate is fluent in Japanese, and a talented icebreaker into the vast, unexplored terrain of “Deep Future” thinking. 

On this show we explore such erudite topics as breakthroughs in CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, Open AI, magnetic thorium nuclear plasma drives for deep space exploration, the Tau Zero Foundation pioneering interstellar flight, quantum entanglement/teleportation, multidisciplinary research institute Starlab, outer space and inner space, open source vs secrecy, and a myriad of other future trends making their way to the present. Enjoy!



Future News and Interview with Attorney Douglas Gillies on the Future of Law

Listen Now to the Dr. Future Show 9.16.14

Mrs. Future and I share our thoughts and feelings of Bliss Camp 2014 and talk to one of the artist musicians, Hannah Thiem, from last weekend’s musical tribal event at the beautiful Camp Navarro, in sunny Mendocino County.  It’s a big week for Mars Exploration as two spacecraft approach the Red Planet.

We then spend most of the show talking with visionary attorney Douglas Gillies about the future of the legal profession, as we hurtle in a new world of rapidly changing boundaries and needs.  Douglas speaks  as a biographer of UN pioneer Robert Mueller.  Assistant Secretary-General for 40 years, his ideas about world government, world peace and spirituality led to the increased representation of religions in the UN, especially of New Age Movement. He was known by some as “the philosopher of the United Nations.”

Douglas speaks of the transition from competition to collaboration as we move to a global world view and his efforts to educate  businessmen, lawyers, and other professionals in creating such win/win scenarios.


Dr. Future News - Mars One recruiting Colonists, Ayahuasca treatment for Drug Addiction, E tatoos for monitoring mind/body, Spaceship Two Flies high and fast, Inner and outer world expansion, Hijack the Starship

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 4.30.13

A very dynamic show today with lots of interesting news and callers. With an eye and progress being made in both outer and inner space, we speculate about a potential inter connection between the two domains, and get turned on to some music and story from Jefferson Starship by caller Billy Sunshine on hijacking the starship.

Meanwhile Mars One is really beginning it’s recruitment for Mars colonists, with a deadline for applications by August 31, 2013.  And Ayahuasca is really being used for treating serious drug narcotic drug addictions (see just posted interview with Canadian research Phillippe Lucas. 

One of our callers was fascinated by last week’s story about Google Fiber, and begins more research on it’s potential impact on the industry.. We share his latest info..

Fun show, with much thought provoking material.  Enjoy, and Happy May!



Future News- Migrating to Mars, Facebook Copyright Hoax, Sasquatch DNA, Cross breeding Endangered Species, Gourmet robot burgers, Pentagon Tries to Avoid Terminators.

Elon Musk has got us thinking about Mars again with plans to increase the oxygen content of the atomosphere to the point where it can sustain human life. It’s at that magic flash point, he predicts, when everyone who can afford a half million dollars to leave Earth can become a Mars colonist.  That’s the magic number for leaving this planet, the cost of the average California burb house…Sounds about right..
Also of major interest this week is a new approach to dealing with creatures on the verge of extinction.
 “Breed them back into existence!” some new conservationists say, “with related species.”  What?  Not keep them purebreed.  Heresey from the current paradigm of creature preservation..
Gee, and then there’s the latest DNA evidence of Big Foot.  Apparently 15,000 years ago a North American woman cross bred with another species, creating the elusive creature..
Robots are also advancing with a new robotic hamburger helper that’ll make them your way, at 360 burgers an hour, as we see the approaching launch of the first restuarant chain that profitably sells gourmet hamburgers. Not be left behind, as the Pentagon evolves new robots that can turn you into hamburger meat, they’ve been looking at how they can make sure that there is a human somewhere in the equation making the ‘kill’ decisions. No sir, no Terminators in this shop…

Dr. Future News - Curiousity Brain Transplant,Texting Contest, What's next for Brick and Mortar Stores, New human species, Future Food

Dr. Future News 8.12.12

Boy, what a week!  From Curiousity landing on Mars to the future of brick and mortar stores to new food options on the menu..Plus we are doing more remote broadcasting, now extensively using our home studio as we expand our horizons to new listeners online as well as on the airwaves.  

We particulary enjoyed doing the Future of Food report, as there are options there that, though initially somewhat revolting, can be quite inviting…hmmm….’tastes like chicken!’   

Let us know what you think!

:-) Dr. & Mrs. Future..