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Future News - Our Art Bell Homage, That Asteroid Buzz, Sniffing Gas Orbiting Mars, Heavy Metal and Psyche, The Silurian Hypothesis, California Leads Nation in Net Neutrality, Alibaba invests in Robot Car Fleets, Reading and Writing to your Memory System

Listen Now to Future News 4.17.2018

Sadly, pioneering talk radio host Art Bell went to ‘the other side’ last Friday the 13th of April, leaving behind a legacy of exploring edgey topics late into the night.  Our show was originally started with the premise that we would cover Art’s (and later George Noory) type of topics, but in the daytime, under the bright light and scrutiny of an awake audiene. However for us, it’s not so much things that go bump in the night, but events that propel our civilization forward to a better now.  In honor of Art, consider our story this week on “The Silurian Hypothesis,” as scientists investigate the possibility of an advanced reptilian race that lived far in our past.. Enjoy!


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