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Future News - Facebook's Banned List, Net Neutrality Update, Cop AI's, New Space-X Factory in LA, Earth Now Live Eye Network, Goldman Sachs and Asteroid Mining, Robot Bees on Mars, One more Uranus Joke 

Future News 4.24.2018

Finally we get explicit info from Facebook on what is banned from the service, and it’s pretty much what you might think. And most of the enforcement is done by AI’s..the same goes for the millions of videos taken down by Youtube..Cop AI’s..and Bill Gates has embraced a new video camera network in orbit, giving us realtime views anywhere, anytime..

Goldman Sachs has begun to embrace the world of asteroid mining, one more step towards a solar system economy,  a shift that will change everything..And we do love NASA’s idea of robot bees on Mars, along with a final story on finding hydrogen sulfide gas on Uranus, with it’s attendent jokes..Enjoy!

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