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Interview - David Blume on how local Alcohol Production will get us off of Oil.

Listen Now to David Blume

Local entreprenuer, author and farmer David Blume shares with us how fuel grade alcohol can be produced locally and provide fuel for heating, cooking, and our vehicles.  Its a big topic, but Dave is great in introducing how this transition to a cleaner fuel can be made.

David Blume with the Futures


'Mythic- Voyage of the Kinship' new TV Series Launching. Getting Mythic in Santa Cruz! Meet the inspired creator, Kiah Dorius.

Listen Now to Kiah Dorius with AL & Sun (aka Dr. Mrs. Future)

Years, some say centuries in the planning, a new TV media series, sourced from a Santa Cruz based filmmaker and artist Kiah Dorius and her talented karass of mythic characters, is kicking off this week with an inspired Indie Go Go Campaign and soiree for cast, crew, family and early funders.

What is Mythic?

Kiah describes a show where the characters have a mythic version of themselves in another world, living larger than life adventures and in some way communicating with their normal selves the lessons learned in this world. Films like the Wizard of Oz have touched on this idea, but she intends to explore the mythic worlds and their attendant lessons of life further, with a cast of characters to which we can relate.

Will we be able to relate? Well, consider that  being normal in Santa Cruz is what passes for mythic in Kansas, and we have quite a range for engaging stories. While on the air with us, she describes some of the characters and plot lines.

Kiah while on The Dr. Future ShowWhat does it really mean to say ‘follow your dreams’ to others? With Kiah, it means discovering your mythic self.

We asked her for a little tour of these mythic realms she is birthing (crowing phase now). She was delightfully entertaining and profound.   Enjoy and if inspired, please help her birth this baby!






Dr. Future News - Curiousity Brain Transplant,Texting Contest, What's next for Brick and Mortar Stores, New human species, Future Food

Dr. Future News 8.12.12

Boy, what a week!  From Curiousity landing on Mars to the future of brick and mortar stores to new food options on the menu..Plus we are doing more remote broadcasting, now extensively using our home studio as we expand our horizons to new listeners online as well as on the airwaves.  

We particulary enjoyed doing the Future of Food report, as there are options there that, though initially somewhat revolting, can be quite inviting…hmmm….’tastes like chicken!’   

Let us know what you think!

:-) Dr. & Mrs. Future..


Dr. Future News -We were There and now You will be too. Where were you during the Venus Transit? And RU Ready to Immigrate to Mars?

Dr. Future News 6.5.12

The Venus Transit happened during the course of this show.  We take you to  a live telescope location at UCSC where our scientist on the spot, Joe Jordan, gives us a blow-by-blow account of the goddess orb’s journey across the vastness of the solar furnace.  

Other news includes the announcement of the Mars One project, where you have an opportunity to leave Earth for Mars, with a one way ticket..



An Astrological Look at 2012 by Dusty Park

Listen Now to Dusty Park on 2012

Yes, 2012 is upon us and we have our cybertribal astrologer, Dusty Park, give us a major download on key energies and days to track in this apocryphal year.  Get ready for major change!

If you are interested in more info, check out Dusty’s iPhone App “iTime Capsule.”