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Dr. Future News - Mars One recruiting Colonists, Ayahuasca treatment for Drug Addiction, E tatoos for monitoring mind/body, Spaceship Two Flies high and fast, Inner and outer world expansion, Hijack the Starship

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 4.30.13

A very dynamic show today with lots of interesting news and callers. With an eye and progress being made in both outer and inner space, we speculate about a potential inter connection between the two domains, and get turned on to some music and story from Jefferson Starship by caller Billy Sunshine on hijacking the starship.

Meanwhile Mars One is really beginning it’s recruitment for Mars colonists, with a deadline for applications by August 31, 2013.  And Ayahuasca is really being used for treating serious drug narcotic drug addictions (see just posted interview with Canadian research Phillippe Lucas. 

One of our callers was fascinated by last week’s story about Google Fiber, and begins more research on it’s potential impact on the industry.. We share his latest info..

Fun show, with much thought provoking material.  Enjoy, and Happy May!



Dr. Future News -We were There and now You will be too. Where were you during the Venus Transit? And RU Ready to Immigrate to Mars?

Dr. Future News 6.5.12

The Venus Transit happened during the course of this show.  We take you to  a live telescope location at UCSC where our scientist on the spot, Joe Jordan, gives us a blow-by-blow account of the goddess orb’s journey across the vastness of the solar furnace.  

Other news includes the announcement of the Mars One project, where you have an opportunity to leave Earth for Mars, with a one way ticket..