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Dr. Future News - Last Show of the Year - End of Time report, Internet Status update, Terence McKenna Time Wave, Dr. Bruce Damer, Dr. Stephen Sideroff, Mr. Past all check in!

Dr. Future News End of Time Report

Oboy, it’s our last show of the year!  We of course, are covering the “End Times” festivities, which in retrospect, helped usher in the new world that you all live in now..The funny thing about memory, is that the pains of the past of been replaced by the joys of the present, thanks in large part to the contributions of so many to our current world view .

Thanks to Dr. Stephen Sideroff, who shows us how to confront the inevitable fears that always crop up in one’s awareness, Dr. Bruce Damer, who reminds us of the power of our imaginations, Mr. Past who sees the perfection of what’s unfolding in realtime, and Mrs. Future who grounds us all with a feminine grounding of love and logic. 


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