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Dr. Future News - Trash N Fashion Show, New Flavor of $$- Mint Chip created, Humanoid Robot Grand Challenge, Google X Project Glass, Chocolate- now in 3D! Giving up the Wheel, Rising from the unconscious depths, $35 Tablets, wtf? UV Medical Flashlight, EZ Picture sharing, soon in FB., , 

Big news week on all fronts! Fashion and Trash converge at the annual Trash N Fashion Show, here in Santa Cruz this Saturday eve., the Canadians have introduced a new flavor of $$$, Mint Chip, that you can carry around on your thumb drive. Not to be outdone, the Brits are releasing the first printer to print custom chocolate treats in 3D, taking chco design far beyond the current blobs of sweet goo drops.
DARPA announces its newest Grand Challenge, as they search for the best humanoid type robot, what used to be called ‘androids,’ before the name was largely co-opted by the Google smart phone operating system. Hopefully, we’ll come up with robots more kindly towards us than the Terminator, which seemed to have lost it’s love for humanity..except for Arnie’s T-3 model, of course..
To help us along on this, MIT has launched an intiative to make it ‘easy pezy’ to build custom robots, from concept to creation.  What do you want your bot to do?  Also in the education world are the immient release of the $35 Android based tablets, from and for Indians, at least at first.  A 10X cheaper tablet should affect that ecosystem rather profoundly..
And as fuel prices go up, other options are starting to appear, like a new biodiesel animal fat plant in Watsonville, that will almost double the nation’s supply of biodiesel! Like I said, lots of news this week..

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