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SpaceX Hovers, SXSW, Infrared Solar power, Why Data Caps Suck, and HearPlanet - A new direction for audio infotainment

Listen now to Dr. Future Show 3.12.13

Many pundits have wondered about the direction radio will take, as the internet takes over AM/FM, and audio becomes more dynamic and interactive. Most of you have heard of music on demand services, like Pandora, or internet radio, like TuneIn (KSCO is on that app).  But have you heard of HearPlanet? Particulary useful while traveling, HearPlanet lets you hear about what’s happening around you, be it national monuments, small towns, or roadside attractions.  Several car media companies are looking at in dashboard incorporation of Hear Planet, describing it as a ‘professional tour guide’ at your fingertips.  

HearPlanet’s mission is to deliver audio content for all the world’s locations. More comprehensive than any museum audio-guide, HearPlanet covers the entire globe with audio, helping people discover, share and connect around places.”  

We interview Steve Echtman, founder of HearPlanet, during the second hour of today’s show, and who knows, perhaps some of you will be inspired enough to become professional virtual tour guides as a result of hearing this show.  Hear, hear, Planet!

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