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Health Care in Canada, not the USA

Show Archive, August 10, 2010This episode of The Dr. Future Show was recorded live in Montreal, Canada with Dr. Future, Mrs. Future, and Mother Future…Revelationary Agents Lakshmi and Nada are back in the KSCO studio in Santa Cruz. On the afternoon of Mother Future’s 80th birthday, the topic is health care, with a pragmatic look at Mother Future’s extensive experience with the Canadian health care system, and what may be borrowed for upgrading the U.S. system. Future news looks at breakthroughs in neural regrowth, and body parts regeneration. The Dr. Future Show, Tuesdays at 2 p.m.PDT Call in!


Dr. Toy and Dr. Future Exploring Future of Fun


Get Ready for the Fems in Film Download

Show Archive, July 20, 2010

Hi folks! On Tuesday, July 20, 2010 we have a special show on the new archetypes of the feminine, both in real life and on our screens.  Our revelationary Agents Nada and Lakshmi have just returned from a full week of studying the feminine in Film at Esalen Institute, and will share with us what they have learned…  The Future of Female.. Tuesday at 2 on The Dr. Future Show, 1080 AM KSCO in Santa Cruz.


Cool Day at the Beach with KSCO Cohorts

Show Archive July 13, 2010

The KSCO audience was invited to our Elixer mixer last Saturday, July 10, 2010.. We recorded some of the conversations to share on the show today. Ben Fuchs was in fine form, and we enjoyed Pollen Burst cocktails as we all got acquainted. Sunny helped Agent Sun to prepare tropical fruit salad, and we all enjoyed the healthy Kale salad and other potluck yummies. Local herbalist Paul Gaylonshared some of his private blend amazing international fermented beverages. Stan Weitzman gave everyone present a special deal on his patent-pending “WristOffice” for iPhones and other such devices, a pivoting platform to strap to your wrist.


Appsolutely!  Update

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