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Future News - Apollo 11 Souvenirs, Scientist AI, Anthem Hack what to do, Anonymous ISIS Attack, Neucoin Tips, Vinyl preservation  

Another fine week of Future News for your consumption and digestion with Dr. and Mrs. Future and our almost famous artist and commentator, John Monahan.  Many of the stories are a bit, well, shall we say, complex, but we did our best to at least introduce you to the concept, like a scientist AI.  Our callers were good and all over the board, which was a little challenging, but hey, that’s what live talk radio is all about.  If you want to protect yourself from potential harm from the Anthem attack, follow the link on our links page for pragmatic things to do.  
We found it interesting that the hacker group Anonymous has targeted ISIS websites and twitter feeds. Perhaps if they delve a bit deeper, they will be able to tell us more about the origins of this disturbing movement.  While discussing this topic, we delved into the hacker mindset, as Dr. Future has history with some hackers, including certain curiousities that show a fascination for the bigger picture.  Enjoy the show! 

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