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Future News - Captain Crunch Needs Your Help, The Fruity Advantage, 100X Internet Photonic Speed Boost, Falcon Booster Relaunch, Black Holes Collide, Repairing Radiation Damage, Bobby Wilder on Anti-aging, Col Terry Facebook Politics, Billy Sunshine, Guaranteed Basic Income

Listen Now to Future News 3.28.2017

A lively interactive show this week, with a surprise call from Bobby Wilder, a long time anti-aging researcher, adding much to our discussion on radiation damage from space travel, even taking it down to earth on how we may take advantage of the latest research in DNA repair mechanisms. 

We are getting the word out to help our beloved grandfather of hackers, one of the original Merry Pranksters of Microcomputing, John Draper, aka Captain Crunch, attain some financial resources while recovering from extensive back surgery.  Col. Terry checks in, connecting for the first time with Bobby on longevity and the recent gutting of the EPA. We also discuss the new Facebook app for governmental feedback, and with the surprise visit of Billy Sunshine in the studio, we delve into the idea of Guranteed Basic Income as a solution to the rise of automation and attendant loss of jobs. And to end it all on a high note, caller Art wants to know how rich people control us..something we’ll have to delve into next week, as we ran out of time.  Enjoy!

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