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Future News - French Facebook AI lab, Smart hand-held robotic tools, Beyond perfect vision with Bionic Lens, Google Gestures, Biodegradable chips,Neurophone update with Ken Sheetz, guest tech pundit Shane Saxon 

Listen Now to Future News 6.03.2015

Lots going on this week, from a new AI lab in Europe to thinking beyond the paradigm of war.  Our regular irregular tech pundit this week is Shane Saxon,  an expert in augmented and virtual reality, coding new software for navigating in the upcoming virtual worlds.  In the second part of the show, we speak with Ken Sheetz on the new NEO Neurophone project, which so far has raised more than 1.1 million dollars on IndieGoGo.  He explains how they were able to be so successful with their crowd-sourcing campaign.  Enjoy the show!A new kind of computer chip that is 99% biodegradable

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