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Future News - Larry Harvey Transitions, F8 Happenings and Zuck Keynote, Online Global Shaman Event, Blue Origins Launch, Oculus Launches $199 VR Rig, New Computer Interfaces, Rise of 5G

Listen Now to Future News 5.01.2018

A big week for Facebook, with their F8 Developer’s Conference under way.  Zuck takes the stages, apologizes and shows what is in the works for the near future, including a new $199 Oculus Go VR setup.  

The Modern Shaman Mystery SchoolAnd while all this tech stuff is happening, there is a global online event featuring modern day shamans, sharing their wisdom with us all.

Jeff Bezos launches another test of Blue Origin, his upcoming passenger rocket to space.  We also look at some new ways to interact with our machines, what higher 5G  bandwidth will do for us, and looking at jobs for humans beyond what the robots will be doing. Enjoy!



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