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Future News - Movie Trailer for Korean Peace, Oppy hunkers down for big Martian Storm, Lava destroys HI Geothermal plant, Nanodiamonds give Milky Way a Nice Glow, Barcroft Reports on Apple's Latest Big Announcements, "Droney Appleseed' pollinator to the rescue, The Kitty Hawk human drone 'Flyer' flies, Nanobot 'subs' kill tumor in bloodstream, Octopus 'City' Discovered  

Listen Now to Future News 6.12.2018

Lots going on this week, from the big Korean Summit to Martian dust storms!  Being media-oriented folks, we found the peace propaganda video created by the Trump administration to be of interest, as it portrayed the outcome Trump wanted from the summit in Singapore, but in a North Korean style format!  But hey, if it helps get us peace.. and then, while blissfully enjoying the night sky, we can marvel at how the ‘glow’ of the milky is created by the shimmering of untold numbers of nano diamonds..

Taylor Barcroft keeps us up-to-date with the latest and greatest Apple announcements, such as the updated iOS and Watch OS, and three upcoming new iPhones for the Fall.  If you are thinking of buying an Apple product soon, you’ll especially appreciate his report!

Its also the week that Alphabet’s Kittyhawk demos to the public their refined single rider drone “Flyer,” touting it as an easy-to-fly personal aircraft, a kind of “motorcycle of the sky.”  And the scifi idea of nanobot subs in the bloodstream finally becomes real, with the first ones killing a cancerous tumor in a mouse’s body. And did I mention the discovery of an octopus city? A big surprise to our scientists, who thought those cephalopods were loners! Enjoy..


Kittyhawk’s single person drone Flyer

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