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Future News - NASA Meteor Protection Plan, Listen to Stellar Symphony, The Universe May be Younger than we thought,Indian Army Tweets YETI footprints, Private $1 Billion to Earth's Protection, Wholistic Extraction 

Listen Now to Future News 4.30.2019

A wide ranging conversation this week, from discussing NASA’s plans to save us from asteroids to actually listening to the Sun to evidence of Yeti, the Big Foot of the Himalayas. And there is new evidence that the universe is expanding 9% faster than we thought, making the universe about 2 billion years younger at 12 billion years.. And how can we forget Mrs. Future’s empassioned arguments for keeping our extraction technologies in balance, so the the planet can continue to support us in the grand style to which we have become accustomed? I try to proffer another view, but.. anyway, enjoy!!

The Universe is expanding 9% faster than we thought

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