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Future News - Net Neutrality Senate Vote, Fastest Growng Object in Universe Discovered, Hawaii Eruption and Mars, Plumes Over Europa, Google Duplex AI Demo, MiniSpot debued, FAA moves forward on Drones, Connected Levis Jacket, AI increases soldiers Intelligence

Listen Now to Future News 5.15.2018

A fun and informative show this week, with lots of amazing news spanning the universe. It’s a decisive time for Net neutrality in the legislative branch of government right now, we’ve discovered the biggest thing in the universe so far, a black hole spanning 200 billion star systems and counting, new amazing robots from Boston Dynamics, Hawaiian volcanoes are giving us clues about eruptions on other parts of the solar system, a helicopter on Mars, AI’s that can seemlessly make appointments for us have arrived, and we can now get an Uber from rubbing our Levi connected jacket!  Enjoy..


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