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Future News - Oppy Still Hunkered Down in Martian Dust Storm, OSIRIS-REx in Final Approach to Near Earth Asteroid Bennu, Ice Confirmed at Moon's Poles, Water Worlds of the Milky Way, Magellan Telescope 100x better than Hubble, Largest ever 3D Printed Coral Reef installed near Maldives, Pole Reversal Happens Faster than we Thought

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Hi folks, we are back from vacation with the latest in Future News and a little report from our adventures. It looks like we’ll soon be bringing back to Earth a sample from an asteroid, that the moon may have enough water to make it practical for colonies there, that there are lots of water worlds in the Milky Way, and we’ll have some amazing new tools for exploring them. Back on Earth, 3D printing tech is helping us save the coral reefs, and magnetic pole reversal happens way faster than we thought! Enjoy..

World’s Largest 3D printed coral reef installed near the Maldives

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