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Future News - Remembering Paul Allen, Transtech Conference, Human Biome Chorus, 10 Trillion FPS Camera, Update of Opportunity on Mars, Picturing the World's Economy, Google's Chinese Search Engine 

Listen Now to Future News 10.16.2018

Very sad to lose Paul Allen, one of the grand old men of microcomputing, visionary and benefactor to many. He will be deeply missed.  And don’t lose hope in contacting ‘Oppy’, our 14 year-old rover on Mars, still hunkered down from a planetary wide dust storm. We are looking forward to the upcoming Transtech Conference in Palo Alto, where some of our favorite topics will be explored, including sentient Androids and communicating with our human biome.  And have you ever wondered what light looks like when slowed down? Now, with a new 10 trillion fps camera, we can begin to study photons in slow motion! And Google has found a way to censor the internet in just the way the Chinese like it, so that they can enter that Asian universe.  Oh boy, enjoy!

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