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Future News - Sonic Tractor Beam, Ultimate Battery Research, Largest Image of Milky Way, Patch BioSensor, China's Supercollider City, Virtual Reality for Mice 

Listen Now to Future News 2015.11.03

We really like the Sonic Tractor Beam, though I don’t think it’ll work in outer space, being based on sound waves traveling through air..Still, pretty amazing!  Equally amazing is the link to the largest image of the Milky Way ever, a 46 billion pixel image, compliments of Astronomers at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Just keep on zooming in and around the Galaxy, get to know your back yard a bit. After all this is our local galaxy, with over a 100 Billion others out there!  That’s more galaxies than the number of humans that have ever walked the face of Earth, since the dawn of time.. Enjoy!

Milky Way Navigator - Cruise the Galaxy at hyperlight speeds

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