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Future News - The Martian, NASA Mars Plan, Dupont CRISPR Editing Plant DNA, Industrial Plant Captures CO2 from Atmosphere 

Listen Now to Future News 10.13.2015

We really delve a little more deeply into the Martian Mythos in this report, beginning with our take on the new film, The Martian, with Matt Damon, who I thought did an exceptional job in pulling off the role. We look at some feeback from Geek friends on the film, regarding it’s scientific authenticity and such and then look at NASA’s latest announcement of when the actual Mars Mission for humans will take place. And then there is Mars One,sending humans to Mars as part of a reality TV show.  I hope their ratings stay high for the colonist’s sake! 

Also this week, we begin to look at how the new DNA editing tool, CRISPR/Cas 9, is making inroads in commercial circles, such as Dupont’s plans for creating new strains of drought-resistant crops.  Mrs. Future makes sure we recognize the Franken Furter aspect of this story while Dr. Future throws such cautionary tales to the wind, citing his latest theory about the multiverse!  

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