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Interview - Dr. Janet Burns, the Sherlock Holmes of Body Problems, on Osteopathic Healing

Listen Now to Dr. Janet Burns

Dr. Burns is a triple board-certified physician with an uncanny ability to trace the source of her patient’s Dr. Janet Burns at KSCO on The Dr. Future Showphsycial issues like a master medical detective.  She draws upon 19 years of experience, including 13 years of teaching and research at U.S. Medical Schools.  She has used her hands to resolve neuro-musculo-skeletal problems that were deemed untreatable by major medical centers.  

We ask her about Osteopathy and its differences from traditional Western medicine and field several health-oriented questions from the audience.  She has a very engaging, down-to-earth yet humorous style that you will no doubt enjoy hearing. And soon we’ll be seeing how the VR revolution will be part of her future work!

The good doctor on the air with the Futures


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