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Interview with Vix and Vox, Citizen Scientists, on the latest in the Vaccine Controversy

Listen Now to Vix and Vox

With the pulling of the film Vaxxed from the prestigious Tribeca Film festival by Robert DeNiro, the topic of vaccines and the controversy surrounding their extensive use has once again come into public discussion.  To help us unravel the issues of vaccines we bring you Vix and Vox, two researchers who are on top of the topic, in part because they have personal experiences that have driven them to explore this arena deeply.

Vox is an attorney with a vaccine injured child and Vix is an MBA who was injured by vaccines in mid-career. They share their very articulate perceptions with us, including the research and issues presented in the banned film, Vaxxed.

Their outline of key vaccine issues and their references are on this Dr. Future page, under March 29, the day of our show. We think you will appreciate the candor and info presented in this show. Thanks for listening!

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