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Space X BFR for First Martian Habitat, Phantom Universe Discovered or Ghosts of Black Holes? Tiny Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri, The Milky Way Reboot, Missions for the Space Force? Dr. Bruce Comments on Space Stories, Interview with Musician Little Panda GPS for Your Body, Magic Leap One Under Fire with commentary by Greg Panos 

Listen Now to Dr Future Show 8.28.2018

We tried a new experiment this week, where we have one of regular guests, Dr. Bruce Damer, comment on many of this week’s stories from a session we held the night before the show in our Future Peak hot tub.  Let us know what you think, as there was lots to comment on, from ghost black holes to frozen troves of water on the moon.

We also chat with and have a musical guest artist, Little Panda,  sing a couple of fresh tunes for us, on her visit to KSCO studios during our show.  And another of our regular guests, Greg Panos, weighs in on the long-awaited Magic Leap One, a highly anticipated entree into the augmented reality arena.  Enjoy!

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