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Future News- Sky Show, Space-X Explosion, Uber Trouble in France, Amazon in Mexico, Saving Ancient Sites from ISIS, Building with Drones, Bionic Eye Proves Useful, Humans AMC Show, Battery Breakthrough, How the 3D Printer Revolution Will Change Everything

Listen Now to Dr. Future Show 6.30.2015

Though we are in the heat of the summer, it is not a slow news day for us!  Lots to explore today, starting with looking West at sunset to view the spectacular Venus/Jupiter encounter.  We were sad to hear of the SpaceX rocket failure Sunday, and Dr. Joe, one of our callers, wondered sabotage.  Probably not, but we’ll find out as SpaceX analyzes what went so horribly wrong.  

Saving ancient archeological dig sites in war zones has always been an issue, but there is a plan to digitize in 3D some threatened digs in Iraq and Syria.  The Argus II system for helping those with Retinitis Pigmentosa eye issues seems to be working, good news for those with RP.  And this week we take a closer look at the 3D printer revolution and how it will seriously impact the industrial revolution as we know it!  Enjoy the show..



Future News - Imbalance of Wealth, Mass-producing Houses with 3D Printers, Man Flying by Flapping Arms, Crowdsourcing Government, New Vision for NASA 

Lots to share this week, such as the recent revelations about the massive  planetary imbalance of money, Finland’s experiences in crowdsourcing governmental decisions, the exciting breakthrough of a 3D printer that can squeeze out homes from it’s nozzles, new human powered flight, and NASA’s attempt to answer some of the greatest questions..
UPDATE:  Thanks to one our listeners, we have found out that the flying bird man had staged a hoax that took 8 months of preparation. Here’s the real scoop