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Google plays with Cloud Gaming, $99 AI computer from Nvidia, Planet 9 is likely Huge, Star kicked out of our Galaxy, Behold the Interstellar Halo Drive, Future of Education report by the Nordic Northern Star Team, Sensing the Earth's Magnetic Field, Mind directly controls Android Tablet

Listen Now to Future News 3.19.2019

Big news in the gaming world, with Google launching Stadia, their high performance cloud gaming service, add AI and object recognition to your robots with Nvidia’s $99 board computer, and we must wonder why an entire solar system with star was kicked out of the Milky Way family..hmm…passing bad gas?  Once we have the new Halo interstellar drive we could do an upclose investigation, even though the star was ejected at a phenomenal speed of a million miles an hour!

Back on this planet, the mostlly female millenial Nordic group known at the Northern Star Team are researching the future of education in the Bay area and give us a report on their findings so far. Though their results are preliminary, it does appear that we can look forward to more fun and passion in the educational process..

Did you ever notice that dogs have a sense of North and South?  Observational research shows that they often poop on the North/South access (after circling around a couple of times).  And new research shows that some humans have this ability as well. Who knew and what can these folks do with this hidden superpower? Enjoy..