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Future News - Toyota invests $25 Million in Robot Cars, Apple hiring 86 AI Experts, Old Message in Bottle Found, Mysteries of the Human Biome, Is Tech Unnatural?, Tenets of the Metaverse 

Listen Now to Future News 9.08.2015

Lots of news in the Robotic world this week, with Toyota investing $25 million into a new R&D facility, Apple hiring 86 AI oriented employees.  We also have a report on the use of smart phones by Syrian refugees on their way to Bottle launched in England in 1905 as part of study on deep ocean currents discovered on island off of Germany’s North Sea Coast in 2015Germany, mysteries of the human biome, re-imagining the ultimate limo ride while talking to our favorite limo driver, John Monahan, about personal encounters with sci fi authors Issac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.  We also begin a very big conversation on the rules of cyberspace and the newly forming metaverse, as we enter the next phase of VR evolution.  Enjoy!