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Interview - Amara Angelica on the Brain/Computer Interface - Heads in the Cloud

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As our computers get smarter and the fabled Singularity approaches. machine intelligence may far exceed the capacities and awareness of our species. Many fear that we may become our machine’s housecats or even worse, end up in  the dust bin of history.  But perhaps we have a more noble future. If, for example, we could connect our collective intelligence as a species more directly with our AI’s, we would symbiotically explore the universe together. High bandwidth connectivity with our super smart machines, creating a hybrid superbrain, could save the day for us! And then there is pursuing a more direct connection with Nature.. We explore some of these ideas this week with Amara Angelica, who worked closely with Ray Kurzweil and authored the KurzweilAI newsletter for many years, tracking the latest in brain/mind/computer advances, including Elon Musk’s highly advanced Neurolink company.  We also explore some of these ideas via SciFi, such as the Matrix films (soon there will a fourth). Enjoy!