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Interview - Payson McNett and the Rise of Community College Fab Labs (at Cabrillo)

Listen Now to Payson McNett on Fab Labs

 Want to make something amazing?  All you need are the tools and the knowledge to wield them. Enter the concept of the Fab Lab. So, what’s a Fab Lab and how do I get access? We speak with Payson McNett, an instructor at our local Cabrillo Community College on the rise of the local Fab Lab concept and what is now possible in creating things.  One caller wanted to make a prosthetic for a missing limb.  I want to make an experimental drone.  The possibilities are endless, but it does start with what’s available.  Payson brings up to speed about what he’s done as an enabler in this arena.  Enjoy!

L-R Dr. Future, Payson McNett, Mrs. Future