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Future News - Cray Cray Voting Booths Through Time, Homage to the Kepler and Dawn Missions as Starman Shoots Past Mars, LarvalBot reseeds Coral Reefs shortly after Tokamok Takes Leap Towards Total Fusion Power while GM explores the EBike business (but needs a name), and last in today's improbable headlines, (probably should have been first) The Internet of Smells Makes its first Whiff! www.drfutur

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Fun show today as folks head to the polls.  We share a little of the arcane history of polling booths and how they have evolved from the 19th century. We give a nod to a couple of space missions that have reached their end of life, honoring what they have contributed to us all, look at the future of energy and transportation, and most hilariously, the imminent arrival of the Internet of Smells! Enjoy..


Mad Like Tesla - Interview with journalist Tyler Hamilton on his new book about alt energy mavericks and their 'mad' projects.

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Energy tech reporter for Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, Tyler takes us on a wild ride through the alternative energy world of innovative mavericks- interesting people with plans and companies to harness the power of tornados, hot fusion, warm algae, solar energy from space, strange hydrino particles, and more..all chronicled in his new book, “Mad Like Tesla.”   (Interview by Al Lundell aka ‘Dr. Future’)