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Dr. Future News and Interview - Canadian ex-Defence Minister UFO disclosure, Bars Ban Google Glass, visiting Swedish publisher Lars Ling is our guest, editor of Clean Tech Region, a publication about the global rise of Clean Tech  

Click here to listen to The Dr. Future Show 5.07.13

Yes, it is quite interesting that super conservative Canadian ex-Defence Minister Paul Hellyer would speak out on UFO disclosure at this time in history..however, it doesn’t appear anything will be coming out of our government on this matter anythime soon, despite Hellyer’s plea for authorities to spill the beans…It is interesting to hear what he has to say, nonetheless, as he takes us down the rabbit hole of aliens, illuminati, elites, power and coverups, in his 20 minute talk.

And as Google Glass begins its journey onto the heads of everyone, it is starting to run into a little resistance.  Some people (and places), it appears, still get upset about being recorded without their explicit permission. Privacy issues are once again being discussed as Glass renders the Zoie chip in the scifi film Final Cut, a reality.  Yet, it is inevitable that resistance is futile.  Why?  Dr. Future expounds a bit on this on the show..

If you have any desire to save the world and/or make it a better place to live, you’ll enjoy listening to our in studio guest this week, Lars Ling.  A Swede on a mission, he founded Clean Tech Region Magazine to connect and inform a growing cadre of humans interested in eco friendly “Clean Tech. ”  He is traveling through the USA right now, speaking and connecting with companies, academics, and individuals about this rising global phenomenon with its start in Sweden, a place that embraces this nature-based technology evolution.  

If you want to skip straight to our interview with Lars, click here.

Interestingly, Lar’s magazine was recently bought by International Data Group, a consortium of publication, events, and technology that gave me my first start in high tech writing at Infoworld.. a tip of the hat to Pat McGovern, who started all this and gave me a break in the early days  :-)

Next week we’ll be recording our show from Vienna, Austria at the FutureWeek Salon, with some future leaning Austrians!