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Future News - Wonder Women Race, LA Hyperloop, New Probe to Mercury, Hubble Telescope Fixed, Planet Simulator now working, Earth's Core a Little Squishy, Artificial Moon to be Launched, Artistic AI Painter, Weighing in on Hawking's Last Book 

Listen Now to Future News 10.23.2018

Lots of great news this week and good callers as well.  Mrs. Future became Wonder Woman, along with a thousand others to run through San Jose, LA will soon have a working Hyperloop transpo system,  a new probe to Mercury, an AI takes up painting itself,  a Canadian planet simulator is now operational, and an artificial moon is being built in China for night time illumination. Oh yes, we do weigh in on Steven Hawking’s final big questions, regarding God, AI, and bioengineering humans.  Enjoy!

An artistic AI’s self portrait