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Future News - Lava Tunnels on the Moon, AT&T, Apple and Google Collaborate for Puerto Rico Communictions, Delphi buys Nutonomy, Alpha Go Zero Beats all Masters with No Training, Living Electronics Breakthrough

Listen Now to Future News 10.24.2017

In disaster coverage, good news from Puerto Rico, where the island is getting some innovative communications, thanks to teamwork between AT&T, Apple and Google.  Project Loon has launched their communications balloons over the island, Apple has turned on Band 8 for their LTE equipped phones and the signals are being meshed through the AT&T network in Puerto Rico.  Exciting success! 

Moon Base Alpha Go ZeroMeanwhile the AI Alpha Go Zero is now learning without prior teaching and absorbing of prior knowledge, learing as it goes in playing the game GO, with phenomenal success, Duke scientists are growing electronic circuits using programmable self-assembling bacteria and massive lava tubes have been discovered on the moon, potential candidates for an underground base there. Enjoy!!