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Future News - SpaceX Gets Next Green Light, Mercury is Mostly Liquid, The $9 Computer, and our Big Report on the Amazing Maker Faire, with correspondents Gregory Panos and Richard Cray.

Yes, the great Maker Faire happened this last weekend, and we were there in force to bring you what we thought was hot and worthy of your attention.  Robots, rockets, drones, 3D printers, art cars, magical characters, amusement rides, steam punk, fire, sound, and light play of all kinds!
Some of our crew at the Maker Faire. photo: Richard Cray

If any event truly signified the beginning of a new true renaissance of science and art, this is it!  Literally tens of Dan Kottke stares into infinity. photo: Richard Craythousands of families converged at the San Mateo County fairgrounds to share their favorite creative projects with each other and the world.  
Our team coverage includes Greg Panos, our pundit on all things virtual, and Richard Cray, exploring the more artistic andRichard Cray plays a flame organ emotionally impactful elements of the show are with us in the studio, along with Dr. and Mrs. Future.
Come, get inspired with us!

Dr. Future News - Self-replicating Code, Future Sewing, MC Hager Space Station Report, Mercury's core is possibly Venus, 2012 End of World Euro Vacation, Tumors be gone, Taser Healing 

With Bruce Erickson in the studio for the news, we have hit some new high points in reporting unusual stories for you.  Who would think that self replicating code and the new sewing machines would have any association?  MC Hager has reached new heights in his remote reporting skills and will hopefully be bringing back a sample of 0 Grav 3D printing from his latest adventures.  And who knew that Mercury’s core may at one time have belonged to Venus?  


Looking for a 2012 End of the World Adventure?  We have a good one for you!  Plus the latest in tumor research at Stanford, and Taser snakebite and electromagnetic healing from Russia.. A fun info packed show!