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Dragon Makes it Home, Martian Hotel in Chinese Desert, Huge Solar Storm the Year Japan is Born, founders Tony and Celia Becker with Mr. Past discuss Celtic History and upcoming epic St. Paddy's Day Party in San Jose.

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Crew Dragon makes it back to Earth after successful trip to the International Space Station, an important milestone towards America once again  launching her own astronauts, yay! And if you want to have a taste of Mars without actually having to go there, consider the new Mars Hotel in China, a $20 million facility located way out in the arid city of Mang’ai in the Aaidam Basin, considered the most Mars-like environment on Earth.

In the second hour, we bring you closer to home with in studio guests Tony and Celia Becker, Celtic historians, producers of the website AmeriCeltic, and hosts to what promises to be a great St. Paddy’s Day party in San Jose this year. We also have the production manager of the event on the phone, none other than Mark Hager, otherwise known as “Mr. Past,” to Dr. Future fans of years gone by. He adds his quips to to our fast paced conversation on Celtic history and Sunday’s epic event. Enjoy!

The Futures with Tony and Celia Becker