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Major NIH study on Living Past 90, Neanderthal update, Big Volvo Autopilot project, Smart Phones Change the Web 

Listen Now to Dr. Future News 5.06.14

The Longevity report covered in this week’s 60 Minutes caught our attention, dispelling typical myths about diet, alcohol, and coffee.  We also take a look at the oldest people still alive, to see how they stack up with this groundbreaking study.

We also take a look at the latest research in the times and lives of our cousins, the Neatherthals, and how our myths about their intelligence and capabilities, just might be completely wrong.

It’s also fascinating to see a major car company, Volvo, make such a big move into the autonomous car future by placing a test fleet of 100 autopiloted vehicles into circulation in their home town of Gothenburg, Sweden, with the help of  key players: legislators, transport authorities, a major city, a vehicle manufacturer and real customers. This will be an interesting experiment to follow!


ATT vs Verizon, Freeze Steve, Neantherthal crossbreed, Junk Art Scramble with Ed Martinez

 Dr. Future Jan 18th, 2011

Are you thinking about jumping to Verizon for the new iPhone 4?  Think again, as there are many things to Apple’s fate tied to Job’s health? Maybe Steve has a new out…Now, find out if you have Neanderthal blood, or if you’ll be apple or pear-shaped in your elder years.  Want to make a cool movie with your iPhone? 

Later, we chat in studio with producer Ed Martinez, who wants teams of people turning junk into art on  his new TV show series, Junk Art Scramble..Got junk?  Find out how you can play!