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The Futures with co-host Gabrielle Cianfrani and guest Ed Ellsworth at Contact in the Desert.. Aliens, a Secret Space Program and Crystal Skulls, oh my! And then there is Bobby Wilder on Facebook's upcoming Crypto Coin, Starlink UFO reports, Amazon's Facial Recognition, and new breakthrough's in Regenerative Medicine!

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Something for everyone on this week’s show.  Guest commentator Gabriel “Jersey Girl” Cianfrani is in the studio to help us digest today’s Future News headlines.  Bobby Wilder calls in with a report on crypto, with a particular focus on Facebook’s foray into that world. We connect with media meister Ed Ellsworth, covering the alien-oriented conference, Contact in the Desert, happening this week, and discuss what’s what in that world. And we finish with some breakthrough news in Regenerative Medicine and the healing properties of the body’s cuddle drug, oxytocin. Enjoy!L-R Gabrielle Cianfrani, Dr. & Mrs. Future, after the show



Interview - Dr. John Grady on Stem Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine

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We’ve all heard about stem cell and related therapies in recent years, but what has actually made it to the local medical clinics?  We speak with John Grady, D.O., an emergency room doc who with several partners has opened a regenerative medicine clinic in Santa Cruz, Harbor Health Center.  We discuss what therapies his clinic offers, including prolotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatments and is best treated by these state-of-the art approaches to better health. We also discuss what stem cell therapies don’t cure or have a therapeutic application.  Enjoy!

L-R Dr. Future, Dr. John Grady, Mrs. Future