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Future News - The Future's Eurotrip, First Pics from Japan's Hopping Asteroid Landers, Mini Space Elevator Tested, New Antarctica Map, Deep Creep CA Seismology, New Net collects Space Junk, Robo Sex Brothel to Open, Russian Woolly Mammoth Park, Taylor Barcroft report on latest Apple Tech. 

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Hi Folks, we are back from a quick trip to Europe - Berlin, Prague, and Paris! We begin to share a few tales in today’s show, especially our investigations of the Berlin Wall and its significance today.  It’s also an exciting week for Japanese space endeavors, with their successful landing on an asteroid and the launch of an experiment exploring the concept of space elevators, a long time sci fi dream. Meanwhile, back on earth, Houston is struggling with how to deal with the opening of America’s first Robo Sex Brothel. Tickets to Westworld, anyone?

Our favorite Apple Tracker, Taylor Barcroft, updates us on the latest offerings from America’s largest corporation, including iPhones, iOS, Macs, and their gen 4 watch.  Plus he shares some info an super cheap ways of getting the latest phone with the cheapest plan..Enjoy!

First pictures from asteroid Ryugu




Future News - Burningman Sphere, ISS's Mystery Depressurization, Robots on Asteroid, Killer Robots ban blocked by US and Russia, Massive amounts of water in Jupiter Red Spot, Synthetic Photosynthesis, Robot in the Kitchen, Fireballs in the Air

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Lots of robots this week! We loved the giant orb at Burningman, celebrating robots this year as it’s theme. And we are looking forward to Japan’s Hayabusa-2 spacecraft sending a lander to Ryugu, a near earth object, an asteroid orbiting our planet, later this month.  Once it lands, it will be deploying to two spring-powered robots to investigate the giant space rock, bouncing around until they find something interesting to report. There is also a new commercial kitchen robot, “Flippy,” and an international UN conference to try to ban Killer Robots (they failed). Meanwhile, other robots have discovered massive amounts of water on Jupiter, suggesting that the giant red spot may be powered by the life-giving substance and perhaps might support life on the gas giant.  Could life actually exist on Jupiter..maybe… Enjoy!

This year’s Burning Man festival theme was “I, Robot,” and two Danish designers caught people’s attention with a 100-foot-tall orb on a mast.