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Interview with Narayani Gaia and Chief Elk Man and the Starseed Visionary Conference

Listen now to Narayani Gaia and Chief Elk Man

In our ongoing explorations of the intersection of science and shamanism, we present you with our interview of planetary healers and tribal leaders, Narayani Gaia of Santa Cruz and Chief Elkman of the Lakota Sioux Nation.  A cross-cultural bond forged on 11/11 last year, they share with us their work, culminating in the upcoming “Starseed Visionary Conference, A UniverSol & Spiritual Gathering to benefit our collective future.” 

Happening this May 13 & 14th in Santa Cruz, CA, it brings together some wisdom teachings of the Lakota Sioux Nation, such as the White Buffalo Calf Woman with sacred music, art, sound healing, and ‘star knowledge transmissions.’  Should be a good cross-pollenation of traditional and new knowledge.

We had an inspired interview and we look forward to covering the actual event!  The extro music at the very end was performed by Angela Blessing and Yakshi Man. Enjoy..

Chief Elkman, Narayani Gaia, and Mrs. Future in Blessing Ceremony behind KSCO Studios after the show.