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Back from the Eclipse, NASA Riding out the Houston Hurricane, Report from Siggraph 2017 with Greg Panos and Richard Cray, Stem Cell Meat Goes Gourmet, Whopper Coin Hits Russia

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We are back from the Great American Eclipse with tales to tell, including this 3 min vid of our moment of Totality. And with Hurricane Harvey ravaging Texas, just how did NASA cope with the storm, given that they have several critical missions underway, not the least of which is the running of the International Space Station? 

This week we have a special report on Siggraph 2017 from two of our seasoned reporters, Greg Panos and Richard Cray. For those not familiar with Siggraph, you are in for a treat, as this conference brings together many of the top creative minds of computer graphics and animation with those of artists who thrive in these realms. And did I mention the parties? These beautifully orchestrated events are where some of the best schmoozing between artistis, scientists, engineers and writers happen, often leading to next year’s creative expressions on our various screens.  Greg and Richard clue us in to some of the happenings at Siggraph this year. Richard also reminds us of the 40th Anniversay of Voyagers I & II, our first NASA foray to the outer planets

And Memphis Meats gets another big round of funding, a Silicon Valley startup that promises to disrupt the trillion dollar a year meat industry. Meanwhile Burger King start their own cryptocurrency, “Whopper Coin.” Fun information-packed show, enjoy!!