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Future News - Low Cost Low Orbit Ubiquitous Internet from Space X, Kitts Peak Gets Dark Energy Upgrade, AI will make us Superhuman Workers, NASA Designing Submarine for Titan's Methane Seas, Mars Base in Oman,  

Listen Now to Future News 2.13.2018

Some great news, Space X will be launching this week two test satellites for their planned low earth orbit internet network, with the promise of low cost global internet for all.  Why deal witih all the telecom beauacracies on the planet if we could simply pick up high speed internet cheaply from satellites?   And here come the space subs!  NASA has released plans for a submarine to explore the methane oceans of Titan, a large moon of Saturn. Not for humans of course, but imagine what might exist in these ancient extra planetary seas..enjoy.

Proposed submarine for exploring the methane seas of Titan


Future News- Tesla Model 3 Mandatory DNA Records in Kuwait Skiing on Titan Your Denisovan Ancestry 

Listen Now to Future News 3.29.2016

Oh boy, a new Tesla car to lust after! The Tesla Model 3 is to be revealed this week, and we look at some of its features.  Meanwhile, out in space, our Cassinni probe has revealed a mountain range on Saturn’s moon, Titan as well as large liquid pools and a dense atmosphere.  The atmosphere is largely nitrogen and some clouds, with wind and rain, dunes, rivers, lakes and seas of liquid methane-ethane.
Nice place if you like sub-zero temperatures!

We found it most interesting that our species interbred not just with Neanderthal but with a lesser known species known as Denisovans.  We have a map of Denisovan territory for your perusal.

And for extra added bonus security, Kuwait is requiring mandatory DNA tests for all residents. Let’s go!


The relative size of Saturn’s moon Titan, in relation to Earth and its moon.