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Interview - John Draper aka Captain Crunch on his new book, "Beyond the Little Blue Box"

Listen Now to John Draper aka Captain Crunch

After a lifetime of adventures and travels around the planet, John Draper, aka Captain Crunch has finally settled down enough to pen his memoirs (with the assistance of C. Wilson Fraser). It’s all here, from seeing a UFO on Air Force radar, witnessing a nuclear blast first hand, hanging with the blind kids who hacked the phone company for free long distance calls, being grilled by the FBI, doing time in Federal prison,  being there at the beginnings of Apple Computer,  witnessing the collapse of the Soviet Union from the Wall in Berlin, and into his present world with high tech startups in Las Vegas. Quite a story, and well worth the read, in our humble opinion. Meanwhile please enjoy our interview to John! 


Future News -Pentagon's Search for UFOs, Alien Water, Billboards on Moon, Helium 3, Trump Disney Audioanimatronics, Crypto Updates

Listen Now to Future News 12.19.2017

Lots of future news today with some of our favorite Dr. Future Show contributors in the house to help analyze and discuss what’s happening; Greg Panos and Richard Cray. Plus Mrs. Future gives us a great summary of Crypto evolution. Enjoy and may you enjoy your holidays!

There’s a new robot at Disney World