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Valentines Show - Nick Herbert and August O'Connor of "The Blarney's"

Listen Now to The Blarney’s

For our Valentine show this week we bring you love from physicist/penny whistler/poet Nick Herbert with musician August O’Connor.  Long-time Santa Cruz County residents and lovers of Nature, they share with us some whimsical prose, poetry and live music honoring the emotion of love.  And if you are interested in some great walks in nature and semi-secret places to make out outside, keep listening!  

If you enjoy their countenance and music, the full complement of the Blarney’s will be playing this Sunday, Feb. 19, at the Broadway Theater in the Santa Cruz Art League, from 5 - 7p.m. Their music can be previewed here. And Nick’s poetry heard on today’s show can be read at his blog, Quantum Tantra. Enjoy!

August O’Connor and Nick Herbert of the Blarney’s, a Santa Cruz Irish music band

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