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Asteroid Spotter Works!, Today's Total Solar Eclipse, Psyche 16 could create 7 Billion Billionaries, SpinLaunch instead of Rockets, MiniBrains rise, MRI for Atoms, Celebrating World UFO Day with amazing stories from our listeners

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The summer is here and we in Santa Cruz are loving it! Meanwhile in South America a total eclipse of the Sun has happened, and our new super sophisticated Hawaiian-based asteroid spotted succesfully predicted the path of an asteroid air bursting near Puerto Rico, yay! It looks like NASA will be sending a probe to the asteroid belt in 2022 to investigate Psyche 16, rumored to be made of solid metal, including valuable ones like platinum and gold, enough to make us all billionaires! Asteroids are not something simply to be feared..

And to celebrate World UFO day we have several ufo stories from our audience and Bear, an in studio guest today. Enjoy!

Solar eclipse as seen from La Silla Observatory in La Higuera, Coquimbo Region, Chile, on July 02, 2019.

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